Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Robinsons Place Gensan - Newfound Oasis

On September 30, Robinsons Place Gensan will celebrate its first year in General Santos City. Its full-service mall sits on a floor area of 32,700 square meters that boasts more than a hundred national and local shops on top of its anchor stores: Robinsons Department Store, Robinsons Supermarket, Robinsons Appliances, Robinsons Movieworld and Handyman-Do-It-Best Home Center. 

For almost a year now, Robinsons Place Gensan has given the people of SoCCSKSarGen its signature Robinsons Mall Experience by emphasizing the tagline: MAS MAGANDA DITO in congruence with the city's brand Magandang Gensan.

As for me, the Robinsons Mall Experience was put to the test from the months of February to May this year when power interruptions in these parts lasted up to 12 hours a day. Being a self-confessed computer geek, my online productivity was severely curtailed by the power outages, at first. Then I found out that Robinsons Place Gensan offers absolutely FREE Wifi access mallwide. Yes, you read it right, ABSOLUTELY FREE WIFI ACCESS MALLWIDE! And it's the FIRST to offer such here in Gensan!

At the height of the power curtailments, we were experiencing an alternating 3-hour outages schedule. And so, during those hours when we had no electricity at home, I would be bringing my laptop to Robinsons Place Gensan to do my online work. Or when there's no pending online work, I'd spend the time watching movies at the plush Cinemaworld, browsing the books at the National Book Store,  exploring the various items at the Handy Man or walking around the wide lobby with my grandkids and nieces while having a taste of the various snacks offered by the food stalls scattered strategically inside the mall. The kids just love the rides and games at Quantum. We have discovered an oasis in Robinsons Place Gensan where we take refuge from the heat and inconvenience of the power outages.

Now it is common sight to see young people doing their mobile surfing/Plurking/Facebooking and yuppies with laptops and netbooks in the mall food court, restaurants and al fresco dining strip at Robinsons Place Gensan. It is also an added bonus that the supermarket hours have been extended to 9:00 p.m. (where they also accept debit card payments) as well as the presence of three ATMs that dispense cash all the time. The atrium features activities and shows for free. It is not uncommon to get a glimpse of your favorite TV and movie stars on  weekends or special occasions.

Robinsons Gensan indeed delivers "easy, breezy and better shopping" for its clientele. I always tell my friends and colleagues that I feel at home at Robinsons Place Gensan. It is where I feel welcome and can hang around with people I like and love. It is an oasis where I find comfort and solace from the hustle and bustle of city life.


orman said...

buti na lang hindi tumagal ang power interruption otherwise nagbaon ka na ng banig sa robinsons... hehehehe!

Bonedoc said...

Sir, pwede lipat na ang class sa rob?hehe. Very nice post sir!

bariles said...

Hi Professor!

Robinsons really came to the rescue of bloggers during the blackout months of March and April and for most of the families who needed to wait out the long electricity-less hours at their Al Fresco strip!

Thanks a lot Robs and thank you, Prof for pointing it out in this blog post!

Talagang mas maganda sa Robinsons!

Unknown said...

knowRead/knoWrite is in my heart...work of my kabatch, that is...

Envy Me Salon said...

nice post sir G... :) o nga i almost forgot about that time where we all flock to ROBINSONS para magpa lamig and surf the net and just chill :) hehehehe