Friday, August 31, 2007

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mala Malu Captions

Manolo was right, it's more fun to write captions for Malu Fernandez's pictures! Who is that woman??? Click on the images at left to read her People Asia Magazine article that started this furor.

And now for the photo captions!

Hmmmp! These guys must be gays not to notice my mammary glands! Wait till they see the other ten!!!

Ano'ng panama ni Miss Piggy sa akin?

Yes, methinks I'm carrying a litter! It's either that or it's Latigo 500 time again!

Behind me is the island of my idol, Circe. To the unwashed masses out there, Circe is the goddess/sorceress who turned Odysseus' men into pee-eye-gees.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Talecraft, Dom, Hoovenson & Spro

I have been looking for Talecraft, the card deck for story tellers and writers since summer. A co-teacher tried to find it in Metro Manila to no avail. Out of Stock!

So when I recently googled it, I was led to Dom Cimafranca's blogpost on Talecraft. I posted a comment asking him if it was available in Davao City. And it was! And Dom sells them! Yay!!!

So on August 10, he told me more about Talecraft, introduced me to Hoovenson Haw who owns Spro Cafe where we met and other cafe habitues.

It was a fun night even if I was initially oblivious to the java/wifi-charged ambience and of Spro. The following week, I tried the Cafe Amerikano (which Hoovenson recommended to lactose-intolerant moi) and liked it.

I felt instantly at ease with fellow Tsinoys Dom and Hoovenson who, like me, love books and movies.

As I am trying to cut down on smoking, methinks I now have the next addiction to feed: coffee!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

On the Road (again) . . .

My speaking engagements have started this month. As part of the University's extension services, I get invited to be a resource person in campus journalism seminar-workshops for student writers and school paper advisers in Regions 11 and 12.

I may be putting posting in this blog in the back burner for a while.

I hope you don't miss me that much. :)