Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My birthday trivia

Age: 53 yrs

Born: November 11, 1956 November (11th month), 11th day, 56 (5+6 = 11)

November 11 is a holiday in the USA (Veterans Day), Canada & Australia (Remembrance Day), Bhutan (King's Birthday), France (Armistice Day), and Myanmar (Independence Day). Hmmmm, maka-migrate na nga sa mga country na ito. Heheh

Saddest birthdays: 2 (1981 and 1990 right after our parents died)

Happiest birthdays: 2 (when my parents gave me my first party at age 11 and when I celebrated it with 3 high school batchmates in 2007)

Cherished birthday gifts: Books, lovely loving moments (hugs, kisses and more! heheh), greetings from friends, co-teachers and students, meaningful birthday cards and prayers

Most common gifts received: next year planners

Signs of aging: receding hairline (front and crown areas), partial dentures, liver spots on face and arms, young/er persons asking for my hand: "bless po,tito/lolo," greying beard and nose hairs!

Most appreciated comment on my age: my younger brothers' friends asking them in reference to me - "Bunso nyo?' hahahaha

Crow's feet, wrinkles and smile lines: priceless!