Monday, July 26, 2010

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Friday, July 23, 2010

My entry to National Book Store's You & Your Favorite Book contest

Hey there! I've joined National Book Store's You & Your Favorite Book contest by submitting the above photo as my entry. Winning entry will be based on the most number of "LIKES." The contest runs until July 28, 2010.

Please help me win by doing the following:

1) If you have a Facebook account and have "liked" the National Book Store FB page, click the following link: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/photo.php?pid=4690267&id=72546266913 and "LIKE" my entry.

2) If you have a Facebook account, but have not "liked" the National Book Store FB page, then "LIKE" it first in this link: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/pages/National-Book-Store/72546266913?ref=ts and "LIKE" my entry by clicking this link: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/photo.php?pid=4690267&id=72546266913.

Do share the link(s) in your FB and encourage your friends to "LIKE" my entry.

Tenkyuberimats! :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Fave GESM Blog Post - The Four-Year Itch

Ganda Ever So Much!
(Note: This blog post is my entry to Gandaeversomuch!'s Week #5 Blogversary contest.)

Having read Orman Manansala's 438 blog posts in Gandaeversomuch! over a period of one year, choosing only ONE fave blog post made me feel like Charlie Bucket agonizing over his ONE mind-boggling candy choice in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory! So, I had to narrow down my choices to his Love Love Ever category with 23 posts. Only to find out that nine of them are password-protected (and therefore excluded from said contest) to protect the not-so-innocent (AKA as toot-toot-toot)??? Heheh. And so after rereading the remaining 12 "unprotected" posts, I've chosen The Four-Year Itch as my fave post, so far . . .

This blog post is quintessentially Orman: Funny, In-Your-Face, Naughty, Gay, Erudite, Racy.

I respect him for choosing a wife na kasing-taba ko.

The comic in Orman shows in this blog post. He can make any topic his own by injecting his brand of humor that make reading his posts fun. If you've read his blog posts first before meeting him in person, then you're in for a pleasant surprise that makes you wonder: How can such a heavyweight come up with light reading posts that make you light-hearted every time, all the time?

Ako naman itong naive (naiiba ang ugali?). Ako naman itong si feeling maganda, lumandi.
 His post is so In-Your-Face and WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). He points out to his readers what he and they have in common, warts and all. Kaya nga, ang daming readers niya ang nakaka-relate sa mga post niya. Because of his self-deprecating style of writing, he tells you his shortcomings first so that you can accept yours when you see yourself in his posts. Enaderwords, inookray ka na niya pero natatawa ka (imbes na mainez) kasi alam mong nauna na siyang umokray sa sarili niya.

Gusto nya akong kuning Ninong ng anak nya – ano ako, bakle?  Sakalin ko na lang kaya ang asawa nya.
His post is playful, naughty. If there's one thing Orman learned from his pet toy dog, Chad, it's how Chad pretends to bite him by nipping on his fingers, feet, clothes without really sinking his fangs into them. Orman's posts are naughty, but never nasty. Like Chad, Orman's bark is worse than his bite. He is the bitch that everyone loves to love.

With (toot-toot-toot), sa sobrang haba ng hair ko nasa Japan ang pinakadulo.  Siempre wala namang perfect relationship.  Sabi ko sa sarili ko, fatalist na ako. Kung anong darating tatanggapin ko but for the time being, i’ll enjoy the moment first. Isa pa, malayo pa ang 4th anniversary namin no! Smile na lang ever!
You don't have to be a rocket scientist to realize that Orman is gee-ey-why. His gee-ey-why-ness reeks in every Gandaness post he writes. He is our online Vice Ganda even before the latter became popular in Showtime!. His readers share his roller coaster of a lovelife in this post. Where before, gee-ey-why love was considered a love that dares not speak its name, Gandaeversomuch! makes its readers realize that straight or not, hetero or homo, love is universal and everyone (Orman included) is on a quest for true love. And so when Orman announced to his readers that he got back with toot-toot-toot, they (including me), strapped themselves in their seats, gripped the handlebars and got ready for this roller coaster ride.

Teka bakit nga ba apat na taon lang ang itinatagal ng love affairs ko??? Sa Chinese ang four o apat ay “si” na sounds like death daw. Haler, parang may koneksyon ano?
Reading this post or any other post in Gandaeversomuch!, his readers come away learning something new, thankyoueversomuch to Orman's erudition and learning from his own experiences. You know that his blog posts are not only emotion-driven, but also splashed liberally (parang cologne!) with intelligent tips and advices. His idol, Kris Aquino can learn a lot from reading his blog. If she subscribes to Orman's blog, then maybe I won't call her Crazy Krissy anymore. Crazy na lang! Heheh.

Nasa States ako nang maisipan nyang subukan kung gagana pa ang titi nya sa girl. Eh pinili nya ang puke anong magagawa ko?
Orman writes the way he talks. He tells-it-like-it-is. He calls a spade a spade. This post is peppered with racy, pungent, ribald, risqué (ayan, na-copy and paste ko na dito ang synonyms from Roget's Thesaurus!) words. Not all his posts are like this, so Orman is not trying hard to be the youngest of the foul-mouthed Tulfo pack. Funny lang, kasi I've still to hear/read him use the P***** I** M* expletive. It's either Potek! or Amfotah! or Potah!, but never P***** I** M* (yet!). And if I know Orman, he will eventually write a post with P***** I** M* as a title.

Kung hindi ninyo ito na-gets the first time, do go back to the second paragraph, put together the first letters (in bold print) of the adjectives I used in choosing The Four-Year Itch as my fave GESM blog post and all together now, let's give it to Orman! LOL