Friday, September 17, 2010

Gensan Tuna Experience 2010

The Gensan Tunafest is a must-see, must-go series of events for generals and privates alike. The newly-elected officials of the local government asked for more time to prepare for it, that's why the schedule was moved from the first week of September to the third week instead. And it was the right decision because the events were spread all throughout the month making this year's Tunafest the longest-running series of events. Next year, it will be back to the original schedule.

Below is the press release from the General Santos City Government through Avel Manansala:

GenSan TunaFestival eXperience 2010 is on!  Festival Month of September jampacked with events!

The 2010 Tuna Festival Month of September handled by the General Santos City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (GSCCCII) as Festival Organizer with City Mayor Darlene Magnolia Antonino-Custodio as Chairperson started on a high note last week.

Guided by the theme "Go Global GenSan: We Are Ready for the World", the jam packed month-long GTx (GenSan Tunafest experience) kicked off on September 2-4, 2010 with the conduct of the 12th National Tuna Congress which broke records in terms of the  number of attendees and exhibitors at its Tuna Congress Exhibit held at Family Country Convention Center.

On September 3, 2010, former Senator Mar Roxas came in behalf of Keynote Speaker President Noynoy Aquino to inspire the participants consisting of local and international tuna and fishing industry leaders and stakeholders.

The annual Karagatan Awards that honored the year’s outstanding handline fishmermen were given to the awardees at the Appreciation Dinner that same night at the Isla Parilla Resort in Alabel, Sarangani.

Then on Sunday, the whole city commemorated the 42nd Charter Day Anniversary with a mass at the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage Parish Church and an Ecumenical Prayer Service and short program at the Gen. Paulino Santos Shrine inside the Plaza Heneral Santos

This was attended by the city’s business and socio-civic leaders, government workers and officials led by Congressman Jun Acharon, Mayor Darlene Antonino-Custodio, Sarangani Vice-Governor Steve Chiongbian-Solon, the city councilors, among other personages.  

Vice-Governor Solon's attendance made the affair more meaningful as it was his grandfather, the former Congressman James Chiongbian who authored the Bill that created General Santos City.

An "Almusal Alay sa Kapwa" spearheaded by the CSWDO followed afterwards which offered free breakfast to the city's less fortunate families.  

For the 2nd weekend of the month, on September 10, 2010,  the much-awaited concert of the ASAP Sessionistas will happen at Mindanao's largest indoor air-conditioned gymnasium, the GenSan Gym in Barangay Lagao.  This is one of the city's biggest gathering of famous performers from Manila and tickets are selling briskly especially now that the concert date is getting near.  

The major highlights of the GTx will occur during the week of September 18-26, 2010.

Expect these crowd-drawing beauty and talent search events to dazzle the generals and visitors alike:
  • Search for Ginang Bariles on Sept 22
  • Search for Ms. GenSan 2010 on Sept 25
  • Search for Mr. GenSan 2010 (new event!) on Sept 25
  • Gaisano Mall's Search for Munting Mutya ng GenSan 2010 on Sept 26

Then there are these youth-powered dance and singing competitions:
  • Pasiklaban Cheer Dance Competition on Sept 18
  • Campus Radio's Sayaw Sa Baybay-Kids Edition on Sept 21
  • Search for GenSan Pop Idol Year 6 on Sept 22
  • GenSan Pop Star Kids Competiion on Sept 23
  • Fishdance Hip-Hop Dance Competition on Sept 24
  • Search for GenSan Band Idol on Sept 24

The GTx Month is also filled with exciting sports competitions:
  • Tuna Motorbike Competition
  • Beach Volleyball Competition
  • Robinsons' 1st TunaBodis Body-Building Competition
  • National Skim Boarding Competition
  • HRM Mini-Skills Competition
  • Robinsons' Inter-Tribe Tuna Cookfest
  • Bombo Radyo's Bancarera

On its own, the FishFest sa Fishport will also have its own set of events for the fishermen on September 22nd:
  • Langoy-Bugsay Marathon Challenge
  • 1st Lawihan Street Dancing Competition

To enliven the GTx more, there are the parties and concerts!
  • Kapamilya Caravan featuring ABS-CBN stars @ KCC on Sept 18 (new!)
  • Kapuso Night featuring GMA stars @ KCC on Sept 24 (new!)
  • Robinsons' Praize Xtreme Concert on Sept 19
  • Foam Parties @ East Asia Royale Hotel with Eli Buendia & PUPIL on Sept 24-25
  • Robinsons' Al Fresco Sashimi Night featuring the Best of GenSan Bands on Sept 25
  • SMART Communications Concert @ Oval Plaza Stage on Sept 25
  • GLOBE Telecoms Concert @ Oval Plaza Stage on Sept 26
  • San Miguel Beer Concert @ the Junction on Sept 26

And not to forget the must-see Major Highlights on Culmination Day (Sept 26, 2010):
  • Tuna Float Parade Competition @ 9am
  • GTX Mardi-Gras Competition (Street Dancing) @ 9m
  • Splash in the Sky Fireworks Display @ 7pm

And for three weeks, these attractions will be featured at the City Oval Plaza, the main activity center:
  • Tinda-Tinda sa GTx (Flea Market)
  • Tuna Food Plaza
  • Tuna Fiesta Carnival
  • Plantuna Garden Show
  • Coca-Cola's Everyday Kainan Happiness Zone
  • San Miguel Beer Barkada Zone

For this year's Tuna Festival Month celebration, a new Tuna Festival Theme song will be launched.  Entitled "WHOA GENSAN!", this catchy and lively festival theme song commissioned by TunaFest Director and GSCCCII VP Orman O. Manansala, is composed by GenSan's very own "Centerpoint Band" who will first perform it LIVE to the public during the "ASAP Sessionistas Live in Concert" on September 10, 2001 where they will serve as the front act.

With all these events, activities and new attractions in store for GTX festival revelers, expect the Tuna Festival Celebration to upgrade its reputation as the 2nd Best Festival in the Philippines, an award given to the Tuna Capital by the the Association of Tourism Officers of the Philippines (ATOP) in 2009

Because for sure, this will be the best GenSan's Tuna Festival Experience for the generals and their visitors ever making the city truly MAGANDANG GENSAN!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Six Reasons to Watch ASAP Sessionistas Live in GenSan

The ASAP SESSIONISTAS LIVE IN GENSAN is one never-to-be-missed concert because six performers will be be featured in this 3-hour live event! It will be a memorable night of performances from Nina, Aiza Seguerra, Duncan Ramos, Sitti, Richard Poon and Juris.

My six reasons to watch ASAP Sessionistas Live in Gensan are:

1. Barry Manilow medley to be performed by Nina. I'm an avid Barry Manilow fan and I love Nina's album of Manilow's hits.

2. Sukob Na to be performed by Aiza Seguerra. This song of Aiza is perfect for the rainy season.


3. Duncan Ramos's debut single Fly with Me. I want to witness his pride in singing this song.

4. Sitti's version of Bridges. Bridges is one of my fave tunes ever and Sitti's made this song her own.

5.  You and I to be performed by Richard Poon. A favorite song since high school to be sung by a new favorite singer - Perfect Combination!

6. I Don't Want to Fall for You to be performed by Juris. Appropriate song for a loveless me.


Gensan's own Centerpoint Band will be the front act.

I'm proud to say that Geraldine Oville of Denville Music & Production (Sessionistas Live concert producer) was a student of mine and that I'm very happy about her accomplishments. Congrats Din!

This blogpost is an entry to ASAP Sessionistas Live in Gensan Blog & Facebook contest.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Vignette 4: Social Telegrams, Flowers and Molly

Molly sat with us during our group business case analysis sessions. She had long wavy hair and a shy smile. She had a vulnerable aura that made you want to protect her.

The first time I saw her shivered, I thought it was because she was reed thin. The next time, I noticed it was when Frederick passed by our group. And after the third time, I concluded it was him who was causing her shivers.

It was on the third month of the semester when she started getting deliveries of social telegrams, at first, then flowers. Her face would be flushed with a deep blush as she read each telegram and card that went with the flowers. She absolutely refused though to let us read them, dismissing our requests by saying, "It's personal."

Then one day, she gave in to one group mate who was always pestering her about the telegrams and flowers. She whispered to her that they were from Frederick, her boyfriend. The group mate shrieked long and loud when she heard the name. Frederick, after all, was a big man on campus - athlete, born to an elite family, and a prize catch. Soon, the name of Molly's secret admirer was passed from mouth to ear until it reached Frederick.

We were discussing the last business case assigned to us when Frederick interrupted our session and asked Molly to talk with him in private. They went to an isolated corner of the college building and soon after, we heard their loud argument.

"How dare you, Molly spread the rumor about us when you know fully well I'm in love with Agnes!"

"Frederick, please listen -"

"Stop the lies, Molly, stop sending those telegrams and flowers to yourself claiming they came from me and stop loitering outside my dorm! You're freaking me out!"

"But Frederick, I love you!"

"Well, I don't and I won't! So leave me alone!"

Frederick left in a huff and when Molly saw that all eyes were on them, she blushed and turned to her heels.

Molly never attended our succeeding sessions after that. She was absent during the finals. Her dorm mates told us she never left her room for meals or anything. At night, they would hear her sobs.

After a week, the campus police picked her up outside Frederick's dorm. She was dressed in her soiled pajamas, face tear-stained, wavy hair askew, eyes bulging from their sockets. Her parents got her from the campus police station and brought her home.

We never heard from her again.