Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Prayer to Our Lady of Fair Elections

From Frank Cimatu's blog, I found this prayer to Our Lady of Fair Elections:

Our Lady, I place my feeble voice in your hands that mine might be counted
and we have a fair election in our country.

Insure that every chad* is completely removed
so my intention is absolutely clear without the aid of an electron microscope.

Protect me from partisan and incompetent vote counters
and give me the patience to endure as many recounts as I must
to know the actual results.

And with your great power
I ask you that the election be guided by the majority vote
and not the supreme "chosen few."


[*Chad - The confetti-like bits punched out of punched cards or paper tape]

Feel free to adapt this prayer according to your own situation and needs. :-)

1 comment:

rolly said...


Isn't it sad that we have to pray "to withstand all recounts" just to make sure we know the actual winner?