Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Entry for March 01, 2006 Boracay magnify
Boracay is everything it is touted to be and more (or less)...

I find Boracay beach a fine stretch for strolling. But it isn't the kind of beach that relaxes strollers like me. When i stroll on a beach, i expect to see other life forms aside from bathers (sea and sun) - hermit crabs, crablets, ants, shells, corals... these i couldn't find as i strolled down Boracay. The powdery white sands are dazzling but without rocks, shells, hermit crabs and crablets, it doesn't look like a beach to me. Even the sea, while full of lumot (which a lumot brigade removes on site/sight), has no fish (jelly and other species). I am told that early each morning, the sands are combed by a tractor to remove other debris.

I find the grotto of the Virgin Mary a glaring juxtaposition to the topless foreign female tourists. I find the beachfront restos, bars and stores too pricey, too touristy. One look at the prices is enough to make the blood pressure soar. One has to take time to find affordable food. I find out that even the Aetas knew how to pose for local/foreign tourists' cameras.

But the locals are so friendly to both domestic/foreign tourists. They actually tell you how to stretch your precious pesos. The local police look good in their beach uniforms, but are unubiquitous (yet one knows they're around). And those are enough reasons to go back there.

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