Sunday, July 22, 2007

Random tag

JMom has tagged me! She wants me to write 8 random facts/habits of mine:

1. I have two "live" moles: one dark blue mole half an inch under my lower right eyelid and the other (royal blue) on my left foot aligned with the big toe.

2. I go to bed with my books! Lucky me (or books?)! I used to curl in bed with the latest Stephen King book but I got starring roles in King-ish nightmares afterwards so I read them in daytime now.

3. Yesterday (July 21), I stood in line at 7 a.m. at National Bookstore Davao City to get my second first edition of JK Rowling's books: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (the first being Harry Potter and the Halfblood Prince).

4. I collect Snoopy thingamajigs.

5. I live by the Max Erhmann's Desiderata. It's a hard thing to do but I try to live by it.

6. The last time I checked, my IQ was 120+. No, it wasn't Mensa certified. :)

7. The only song I can play on guitar is Today by Bobby Goldsboro. I started learning guitar playing by piece and started with it. Then the minus-ones (or is it minuses-one) came to the music bars . . .

8. I used to be the most in-demand godfather for baptisms; now it's for being a principal sponsor in weddings. Sigh . . .


Mec said...

bloghopping from tito rolly...

wow... either you come off as well-off, or you're really mentor-material... to have people getting you as Ninong :)

either way, you're blessed :)

rolly said...

"Today while the blossom, still clings to the vine!"

hehe, ang tanda na nang kantang yan ah.

Baka me royal blood ka siguro no? Your moles are giving you in. :-)

PAg kinasal ulit kami ng misis ko, ninong ka ha? :-)

JMom said...

hi gilbert! Thanks for doing the tag :) ngayon lang ulit ako naka blog hop.

I have a mole near my right eye too, under the corner of my eyebrow, and one on my chin. At least I don't have to pencil in a beauty mark now. lol!! I go to bed with my books too, and sometimes read two or three of them at the same time, just depends what mood I'm in before I go to sleep. I don't think my IQ is anywhere near 120 though.

Thanks for doing the tag, it was fun knowing a little more about you.

Sam said...

Tanong..cancerous ba ang live mole o yung flat mole ang cancerous? I have so many "flats"..

RTS said...

Hi Gilbert,
I came across your blog from reading Dom's.
I've added a link to your blog in 3 different places.
If you go to my profile and look at the Dumaguete blog you'll get the details.