Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me

I would have celebrated my 50th birthday last year with a party. I was prepared to be a golden boy or so I thought until I learned three months before it that I had become a grandfather! And I immediately went into denial!

When I learned in August this year that two of my batchmates would be celebrating jointly their birthdays, I promptly joined in.

And so it was held on October 28. And what a lovely time it was! In the happy company of fellow golden boys and girls of my high school batch "73, we had the time of our lives partaking of the meals, tropical fruits and dancing the night away to be the pulsating beat of 70s disco music (and yes! Ursula Dudziak's Papaya was a big hit once again on the dance floor).

And was it obvious that it was a Hawaiian-inspired party?

This is the third big birthday party for me. The first held on my 11th (because I was born on the 11th month (November), 11th day & the year when the last two digits added up to 11 (1956); the second when I was in fourth year college.

So maybe, just maybe, to come full circle, I'll have my fourth birthday party when I'm 56 (eleven again?!?). I have five years to save for it.

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rolly said...

Happy birthday,Mr. Golden Boy!

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