Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Yehey! National Bookstore to open in Gensan!

Bookworms, librarians, occasional readers all over SocSKSarGen (South Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, Sarangani and General Santos) and its environs rejoice over the news of National Bookstore (NBS) opening a branch soon at Gaisano Mall in Gensan this May, just in time for the opening of a new school year.

In an in-depth interview with the Playtime staff of Philippine Daily Inquirer(March 6, 2005), Nanay Coring (Socorro C. Ramos), the heart and soul of NBS, said she definitely plans to open a branch in Gensan. Three years later, this plan is finally being realized.

As a Laking National cardholder for the last 3 years, I recommend bookworms to apply to this and get benefits from it. :)

Welcome to Gensan, National Bookstore!


bariles said...

Oh my God!!!! Really Gilbert???? This is great news for all of us!!! Now, we don't have to travel to Davao for our bestsellers and reference book!!!

Thanks for this Gilbert! Will link up your post to mine soon.


rolly said...

knowing how you enjoy reading, this is really good news. Now I know where to find you.

I also have my own card. Which reminds me, I wonder how many points I have now.

Ralph said...

Yey, that's great news. I hope too that the other big bookstores in Manila would open in GenSan soon. :D

Anonymous said...

yey! this is great news! im so glad im coming home in june then! relatively cheaper books and so-pinoy school supplies. AHAHAHA. thanks for the info (:

Cecile said...

Wow! Level up na! :) I'm so glad NBS is finally opening its doors to Generals.

It's good news for me. I'm going home to GenSan this May. This is the best opportunity to buy my drafting stuff. With my mom paying for it. :) Hehe.

Anonymous said...


I saw your blog in the NBS tag, I hope you like the store. Share your comments and suggestions on how we can improve our future NBS design. And for your info, we are scheduled this month to improve our NBS SM Davao branch. Thanks

Arch. Alfred Carandang, uap
Designer of NBS GenSan

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