Sunday, September 7, 2008

Baby Shawn James - 5 months and growing!

Charming everyone with his smile
Hmmm . . .
Ang tagal naman dumating ng order ko, antok na ako
Ayan na! Yummy!
Baby Shawn James playing with his guardian angel in his dream

Baby Shawn James was a crybaby during his first two months, kept his parents and grandparents awake, aunts and uncles too. He is my grandson through my brother who is the biological grandpapa. Technically, he is my grandnephew. But in the Philippines, who cares about such technicality? :)

On his second month, he was mimicking the people around him. He stuck out his tongue whenever his grandpapa did the same. Everyone who wants to carry him must first wash their hands with rubbing alcohol.
Baby Shawn in his chariot. He likes being driven in it around the house.
Baby Shawn learning to smile
Very soon, he'll be crawling
That's his 2nd month birthday cake
The biggest little boy in the Yap-Tan Clan

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Dominique said...

Cute! Looks a bit like you. ;-)