Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What I would Write on my Moleskine (assuming I have one :))

Assuming I have a moleskine notebook, it will be the repository of the story ideas teeming in my mind which is no longer the reliable instrument it once was (hello, memory gap!). A moleskine will make a very fine storage for my story ideas - no viruses/bugs/worms/malwares to worry
about, no stml (short-term memory loss), no power interruption, no blue screen of death, - just add one finepoint pen. :)

Thanks Wifely Steps for the chance to join the Bloghopping Moleskine Giveaway!

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Avalon ph said...

Hi Gilbert, thank you for joining the Avalon.ph Moleskine Giveaways! I saw your name in the winner's list, double #1s... #11! Your entry made me laugh! Hope to see you joining the other contests. / Jas

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