Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What I am thankful for this year

Gratitude in Chinese characters

12 monthly reasons for gratitude this year:

January - a great start for the year as I was armed with the resolve to pursue old/new interests.

February - the gift of realization that family and friends who tell me "I'm here for you" are not really there when I need them.

March - a renewed sense of commitment to finish my MBA degree no matter what /who may want to detract/distract me from it.

April - feeling joy from the birth of my grandson (actually my brother's) by affinity.May - finding my graduate school studies exciting and exhilarating.

June - seeing strength within after someone attempted to derail my MBA studies.

July - rediscovering my youthful enjoyment of comic books.

August - rediscovering my passion for research.September - a ruptured disk made me take things slow and easy, stress-free.

October - seeing my book collection grow and grow thanks to Ebayph suki-sellers and the newly-opened National Bookstore branch here.

November - celebrating my 12th birthday (that is, if life begins at 40).

December - relishing the thought of leaving 2008 and looking forward to 2009 which my instinct and gut-feel tell me is going to be a lucky year for me.

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