Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My birthday trivia

Age: 53 yrs

Born: November 11, 1956 November (11th month), 11th day, 56 (5+6 = 11)

November 11 is a holiday in the USA (Veterans Day), Canada & Australia (Remembrance Day), Bhutan (King's Birthday), France (Armistice Day), and Myanmar (Independence Day). Hmmmm, maka-migrate na nga sa mga country na ito. Heheh

Saddest birthdays: 2 (1981 and 1990 right after our parents died)

Happiest birthdays: 2 (when my parents gave me my first party at age 11 and when I celebrated it with 3 high school batchmates in 2007)

Cherished birthday gifts: Books, lovely loving moments (hugs, kisses and more! heheh), greetings from friends, co-teachers and students, meaningful birthday cards and prayers

Most common gifts received: next year planners

Signs of aging: receding hairline (front and crown areas), partial dentures, liver spots on face and arms, young/er persons asking for my hand: "bless po,tito/lolo," greying beard and nose hairs!

Most appreciated comment on my age: my younger brothers' friends asking them in reference to me - "Bunso nyo?' hahahaha

Crow's feet, wrinkles and smile lines: priceless!


jborela said...

Happy birthday, Sir G!

I wish you true happiness and peace of mind and hope you enjoy the first day of the rest of your life!

'love you, Sir G!

sheng said...

Happy Birthday Sir G!

Envy Me Salon said...

happy happy birthday sir!!!! PIYESTA wouln't be possible w/o your very creative mind.

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