Thursday, November 11, 2010

In-my-face reality check for this year

Thus far, these are the events in my life this year that I will cherish and learn from -

1. made several new blogger-friends and numerous bonding activities with Soccsksargen bloggers,
2. 2 friends unfriended,
3. reconnected with former colleagues and students and a cherished college friend,
4. estrangement with my sisters on its 3rd year,
5. enjoying fun moments with my apos (4 and counting),
6. completed my Neil Gaiman's Absolute Sandman collection (thanks to National Book Store's price-cut sale),
7. traveled by air to Zamboanga City (thanks to my brother Napoleon Jr.),
8. running out of space for books trawled from Booksale, National Book Store and Bibliarch, 
9. loving my LG Cookie cellphone with wifi,
10. trying to get my groove back with my MBA thesis proposal,
11. continuing harassment from UBoFroH (Ugly Boss From Hell),
12. hair fall leading to further receding hairline (sorry Pacman, your hidden soldiers shampoo didn't work for me),
13. looking forward to NDD Batch '73's 37th reunion in December,
14. finding out that my dentures make my diet more effective,
15. had my TV repaired and replaced the irreparable electric fan (unscheduled blackouts, grrrrr!),
16. replaced my Compaq laptop with Acer Aspire,
17. discovered Robinsons Place-Gensan as my tambayan during the summer 12-hour blackouts,
18. winning blog contests (thanks to Orman Manansala and Aunt Ludi Bakeshop!),
19. pressing palms with then-candidates Noynoy Aquino, Adel Tamano, Darlene Antonio-Custodio,
20. getting Aiza Seguerra's autograph on her CD,
21. helping out in developing Little Dubai's ambiance,
22. enjoying Razon's Halo-halo despite my lactose intolerance (it's a miracle!),
23. scrimping on my budget to give friends books as gifts,
24. trekking to the coffee plantation in Purok 8 Kinilis, but not quite reaching it (but resolving to do it again in December),
25. getting books on my wishlist from high school batchmates,
26. enjoying numerous unforgettable meals/snacks with friends (satti, kebabs, sashimi, etc.),
27. infuriating experience with an internet troll;
28. told off two acquaintances who use the fact that we know each other to scam some money from me and others,
29. learning that my brother is very sick in prison and getting help from friends to facilitate his treatment,
30. getting kisses from my apos,
31. enjoying the Tunafest up close,
32. getting news about newborn babies of friends,
33. praying for friends and their families,
34. watching the live performances of Richard Poon, Sitti, Juris, Aiza, Duncan, Nina, Wendel Ramos, Rocksteddy, and Christian Bautista,
35. meeting Archt. Jaime Daez of Fully Booked/Bibliarch,
36. watching Shrek Forever After in 3D,
37. experiencing the Sagittarius Mining Inc.'s discovery tour,
38. cooking tofu/tokwa for my midnight snacks,
39. watched the entire season of Haven, TV series based on Stephen King's Colorado Kid,
40. read Rafe Bartholomew's Pacific Rims,
41. went to Davao City to buy Stephen King's Under the Dome,
42. relishing strawberry and kiwi iced tea at Coffee Club 101,
43. enjoyed the TV movie version of Ken Follett's Pillars of the Earth,
44. getting my first taste of Krispy Kreme (thanks Priscy!),
45. rediscovering NY Fries and Dips at Robinsons Place-Gensan,
46. nourished by fruit slush drinks,
47. finding long-sought books by sheer serendipity,
48. earning $2 from Adsense for my two blogs,
49. glad to have put on hold my plan to buy a motorcycle because a lot of scooters are being introduced now,
50. getting a pair of progressive bifocals that allows me to read and watch TV at the same time and that becomes sunglasses in sunlight,
51. still saving for first trip outside the Philippines,
52. reading the new translation of Jose Rizal's novel, Noli Me Tangere Penguin Book edition,
53. having friends who are blessings to my life, and
54. zero lovelife


bariles said...

Love this post! Especially the last one.

For all that you have been to us, thank you Sir G! Isa kang himala sa aming buhay!

Here's to another 54 years!!! :)

Ria Jose said...

Don't forget you donated blood. :)


sheng said...

Happy Birthday, the list is inspiring!

Lyle said...

Lists like this one is a fascinating read. You're writing style, Sir Gilbert, continues to amaze me.

liezl said...

nice post sir g (gawa din pala ako ng ganito this december, pang-closing post ng taon, hehe). happy to meet and get to know you. God bless lagi.

Brendel said...

Loving this, Sir Gilbert. Especially No. 23.

Salamat Kaayo.


Mindanaoan said...

I like this! Now I'm inspired to make my own in-your-face list :) Happy birthday!