Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ox-born Celebrities

2009 marks the Year of the Earth Ox or Brown Cow. Here are some Ox-born celebrities:

US President Barack Obama, the Global Chief Ox
Warren Beatty, oldest Toro playboy
Tyra Banks, America's Top Torrera on rampRichard Gere of Pretty Woman fameFast and Furious Paul WalkerMulti-accented Ox, Meryl StreepHe's the One Ox in Matrix, Laurence FishburnLady Pirate Ox, Keira KnightleySeredipitous Ox, Kate BeckinsaleAlmighty Ox Jim CarreyOxing with Charm, Holly Marie CombsEddie Cibrian - Romantic Ox in Ugly BettyMulti-acting Ox, Eddie MurphyAnother aging Toro, Don Johnson
Girl Ox, Ashley Tisdale of High School Musical

1 comment:

ark said...

Oi, year of the ox pala si Obama. Must be a lucky year for him. Let's just hope so so that our economy will somehow not worsen anymore.