Friday, January 30, 2009

SoCCSKSarGen Bloggers' night at Genee

I must admit I'm not much of a joiner as I have been a lone wolf for a long time. Avel has been pestering me to join the the SoCCSKSarGen (South Cotabato-Cotabato-Sultan Kudarat-Sarangani - General Santos) Bloggers. I needed good reasons to join the group and I got them all right. First, I learned that the group was established on November 11 (my birthday, good sign!). As I have been lurking in the blogs of the members, reading a blogpost here and there, I got more interested in meeting them in person. The opportunity presented itself when Avel invited the bloggers to a taste of Genee last night.
Genee is located at the corner of Pendatun & Matalam Avenues alongside the Fire Department. Its fish logo looks like a hybrid of Nemo & Dory, although it is supposed to be a tuna.

The design of the al fresco gazebo resto is well thought of and is an eye-pleaser with its bright lights and color combinations. The main attraction is a large mural featuring an aerial shot of Gensan's downtown area and its environs. Beside it is a scroll describing the Genee experience. Above the mural is a collage of Gensan's people and places of interest. The overheat lights are framed by carved wooden tuna while the seats' back rest is the letter G. As Genee is open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. and the menu boasts of tuna dishes, the resto has several electric insect "electrocutors."

Genee also has wifi so it is going to be next fave tambayan of surfers armed with their laptops and notebooks. Already, Genee is attracting young professionals, couples and families.

As the bloggers were waiting for the others to arrive, Avel brought Rey Billena, Genee's owner, and introduced him to us. He was most accommodating for hosting the dinner for us bloggers.
The resto crew is fresh-faced, smartly-dressed in shirts and fatigue city shorts, eager to please. Too eager that they served the desserts with ice cream with the meal at the same time. Result: After dinner, we had to deal with gooey melted ice cream dessert!

The meal is composed of sumptuous grilled slices of tuna/bangus and chicken with chilled slices of carrot and radish on the side arranged like a Japanese gourmet meal. The portions may be enough for the ladies, but I'm sure the male bloggers will agree that these could be made more generous for their appetites. The fresh sea breeze coming in from Sarangani Bay and the open-air ambiance are conducive to a hearty appetite so the small portions should be rethought by the management. The drinks especially the Red Iced Tea are refreshing. And the prices are wallet-friendly too. Genee serves only chicken, bangus and tuna dishes.
The bloggers are a youngish group: ages ranging from 15 (Lolliipop) to middle-age (Avel & I). Having read their blogposts, I was eager to engage in small talk Sheng, Kyawster (her hubby), Rosilie, Arnel (Rosilie's hubby), Tammy (Rosilie's sis), Loliipop, Nate Marx, Tanchi, Ariel.I hope to get to know Rammyboi, Leonard, and the others next meet-up. :)

Nate Marx and his friends gave us the perfect nightcap as they popped (the eyes) and boggled (the minds) of the bloggers with their street magic and mentalist feats.

And so as a result of last night's Bloggers' night at Genee, I readily joined the SoCCSKSarGen bloggers group this morning and became the 84th member.

Photos 1 & 2 courtesy of Avel
Photos 3 & 4 courtesy of Rammyboi
Photos 5 & 6 courtesy of Kyawster.


bariles said...


We're delighted to finally have you around bert!

Now, the Soccsksargen Bloggers will never be the same again!

By the way, great post! More, more, more! :)

Anonymous said...

Hehehe, tama ka talaga sir... Kulang ang isang plate sa mga male bloggers...Takaw kain daan...hhehehhe. See you on the next meeting!

Leonard Pe said...

kelan ang next meeting? :)
di ko pa talaga nakilala lahat, madalian lang din kasi ako don, busy ang sked buti nakapunta kahit papano