Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Tale of Two Women

Both are well educated.
One was a French major and mathematician; the other an economist.
One was a grade school class valedictorian; the other a high school valedictorian and college magna cum laude.

Both married into Buena Familias.
One was married to a scion of the political Aquino clan of Tarlac while the other was married to a scion of the political Arroyo clan of Iloilo.
One bore four girls and one boy while the other had two boys and one girl.
One had a prodigal daughter; the other a prodigal son.

Both became presidents of the Philippines.
One is the 11th president; the other the 14th.
One became the First Woman President; the other has the First First Gentleman.
One couldn't wait to end her term; the other couldn't wait to retain power.
One has public service imprinted on her soul; the other claims public service is in her DNA.
One was generally well-loved as President; the other much criticized and vilified.

Both are regular mass attendees.
One is a staunch Catholic; the other a religious person.
One took a moral high ground; the other stayed in the gray area.

Both had family names starting with A and ending with an O.
When one died in August; the other was mistakenly named by media as the one who was in the casket and was to be interred.


Gay said...

Great read, Sir G. So many similarities, yet so many contrasts, too.

nice A said...

galing naman nito!

sakura said...

my my my...this is one beautiful post...one woman whom i love so much and one...(i invoke my right to remain silent). keep it up sir! i miss you. will i ever get to read the article about 'names' here? that was oh so long ago :)

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