Sunday, May 23, 2010

Eye-Popping, Mind-Boggling 3-D Experience in Shrek Forever After

I was ready to watch my fourth 3-D film, but NOTHING prepared me for Shrek Forever After 3-D! It was an eye-popping and mind-boggling movie experience. 

As a member of the SoCCSKSarGen Bloggers, I was invited to the 3-D Cinema Press Launch of Robinsons Place Gensan Movieworld on May 22, 2010.

A specially-prepared Press Kit with a t-shirt, bookmarks, stickers, press releases, and notepads was given to me. After reading the materials, I realized I was  going to have a 3-D experience literally. 

First, Robinsons Place Gensan is one of nine Movieworld branches equipped with a 3-D screen
through MasterImage Digital 3-D which provides bright vivid 3-D images using silver screen

Second,  Movieworld uses Dolby Digital 3-D single projector. Dolby has set a benchmark in total entertainment by providing crisp and clear images and sound.

Third, moviegoers are given individual specialized eyewear that is easy to wear (even if you have your eyeglasses on) and eliminates the headaches/nausea  brought on by cardboard glasses. These eyewear had to be returned when leaving the cinema though.

The bloggers were escorted to their reserved seats and given a set of burger, fries and bottled ice tea drink from Jollibee. And the instruction to put on the specialized eyewear was flashed on the screen. Shrek Forever After was about to begin.

The opening logo of Dreamworks which was already an animated boy on the moon fishing became more alive when he cast his line and the hook went out the screen into the audience! (Nervous giggles from the audience).

Soon a carriage pulled by horses went out of the screen and the audience felt like the horses were passing through the cinema! And the movie delighted everyone with one eye-popper after another.
Many scenes drew Oohs and Ahhhs from the moviegoers. Laughters and giggles rang through the theater as the movie unveiled the antics of Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, Puss, Gingerbread Man and Rumpeltiltskin.

Overall, my fourth 3-D film experience was exhilarating and fun-filled. And I look forward to more 3-D films to be shown in Movieworld!

Thank you to Pre Carcillar and Bing Velandria of Robinsons Place Gensan for inviting me to this unprecedented movie event in Gensan!

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