Friday, May 21, 2010

Three 3-D Movies seen and counting

1976 was a memorable year because of the films I've watched while studying at UP Diliman. One of these was Frankenstein 3-D. 
Frankenstein 3-D was the first 3-D film I'd seen. It used the Polarized system in which two images are printed over-and-under on the same strip (Po). I had difficulty wearing the 3-D cardboard glasses so an usher helped tape it to my eyeglasses. The gory scenes were so vivid especially the part when someone  was speared and it went through his body and the screen with a piece of bloody liver dangling from it.  Loud shrieks went up from the audience when that piece seemed to fall on them. After the movie, a lot of moviegoers left the cinema feeling disoriented and nauseous, including me.

The second 3-D film I saw was Jaws 3-D, also using the Polarized system. Set in Seaworld, the whole film looked like a living aquarium with various types of fish swimming about. The killer shark seemed to jump out of the screen and in the climactic part, when it exploded (just like in the original film), pieces of it appeared to be thrown at the audience. The seawater and the 3-D glasses made me seasick. 

The third 3-D film was Spy Kids 3-D Game Over which used the Anaglyphic system in which  two images are printed in different colors on the same strip. I saw it with my godson to introduce him to his first 3-D film experience. Action-filled, the movie caused the two of us to move constantly in our seats.  From time to time, he would reach out and try to touch objects moving towards us. He couldn't stop talking about the realism of the scenes we saw.

Now, I'm looking forward to my fourth 3-D film and it seems that Shrek Forever After is it!

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sheng said...

The kids enjoyed it yesterday, uber enjoy! The first one the family had was in Davao sa NCCC, Dinoworld.

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