Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dissertation upon a Messy Burger and Barbecue Ranch Pork Belly (Inspired by Charles Lamb's Dissertation upon a Roast Pig)

Who can resist the delectable aroma of freshly-baked breads and pastries?

It was a laid-back Wednesday lunchtime that brought me to Aunt Ludi Bakeshoppe right next to Robinsons Grocery. The aroma of freshly-baked breads and pastries reached my nostrils before they were clogged by sinusitis usually brought on by the powerful air-conditioning of the mall. A quick glance at the tarpaulin menu board at the entrance made me decide to try the Messy Burger and Barbecue Ranch Pork Belly.

#2 on a binder clip stand

After placing my order with the cashier, I was given a laminated number using a binder clip as a stand. Simple practicality. Aside from myself, there were two other female diners. The dining area's pleasantly lit - not too bright, not too dim. The sofa seats were comfortable and the smiling cashier and cook eager to please. The food being cooked in the kitchen smelled good, made me feel hungrier and reminded of an aunt's home-cooking.

A friendly fly to keep me company while waiting for my order

Aunt Ludi lends itself well to people who want cozy and intimate space conducive to friendly banter and sweet-nothings, or alone-time for reading and contemplation.  Because of Aunt Ludi's open layout, a friendly fly dropped by to keep me company while waiting for my order. I immediately bombarded the amiable fly with questions like: Why are you here? What is the purpose of your life? What are you living for? But before the fly can answer me, my order was brought to my table. It flew outside while shaking its head as if trying in vain to find the answers to my questions.

Messy burger with homemade coleslaw and potato chips
The first course was Messy Burger which was a sloppy joe with homemade coleslaw and potato chips. The homemade crispy potato chips and coleslaw were the perfect foil for the sloppy joe made of ground beef cooked in a spicy tomato sauce. The soft buns were generously sprinkled with sesame seeds and were as tender to the bite as the spicy-sour ground beef. By the time I finished, the diamond-shaped plate was indeed messy with the orangey drippings from the burger!

Barbecue Ranch Pork Belly with cucumber salad
With the spicy aftertaste on my palate, I dived into the second course of Barbecue Ranch Pork Belly (pork liempo slices in barbecue sauce) and side dish of cucumber salad. The belly strips tasted wonderful with the smokey barbecue sauce. The diced cucumbers gave it a zing so pleasing to the taste buds. 

I was so engrossed with my lunch that I hardly noticed the customers streaming in between the shelves of fresh baked goodies and the cooler for scrumptious cakes.

Aunt Ludi's cake creations (photo courtesy of Orman Manansala)

When I asked for a glass of water with lots of ice from the cashier, I gave in to my curiosity and asked her: Who is Aunt Ludi?
Her answer was for me to know and for you to find out for yourself. 

I will definitely be going back to Aunt Ludi and her mouth-watering meals that remind me of home-cooked ones I used to enjoy. The breads also deserve a second look from me. Right now, I have visions of sandwiches I can assemble for late night or early morning snacks. 

For Aunt Ludi Bakeshoppe, I give a well-deserved two burps. Burp! Burp! 

(Photo courtesy of Orman Manansala)


sheng said...

dahil sa contest! hahaha

orman said...

hehehehe may naka-extra pang "fly" hehehehe! kaw na ged, bert! you should try their pizza some other time...

sakura said...

we (my wowa and I) love aunt ludi too! the best sa healthy bread and not-so-maingay too so we get to talk about so many things over yummies!

Laurence said...

Wow sir. .gutom ka ata nung araw na yun. .Burger plus pork belly. . Yum Yum. .hehehe