Saturday, October 2, 2010

Shawn, Lolo Nap, Lola Josie & Lolo Bibot at Tobinton

Our one-and-a-half year old grandson Shawn was in for a treat today from his grandparents Lolo Nap, Lola Josie and Lolo Bibot.

Before leaving the house, we asked him: Do you like to go to KCC? His answer: vigorous shaking of his little head.

How about Gaisano? Slow nodding of his little head.

Where do want to go? TOBINTON! he shouted as a big smile spread all over his mouth.

So off to Tobinton, errr, I mean, Robinsons Place-Gensan we went.

(From Tito Bibot, I am now Lolo Bibot. "Bibot" is the nickname used by my nieces for me because as babies/kids, they could hardly pronounce "Gilbert" and the nearest pronunciation of it they could muster was "Bibot" and so, Tito/Lolo Bibot I became and remain so.)

As soon as he set foot at Robinsons Department Store, Shawn scooted to and fro, running as fast as his little feet could carry him. Of course, with the Lolos and Lola in hot pursuit. Lolo Nap brought him to the activity center where five walking animals were for rent for little kids to ride on. Shawn selected as giraffe-leopard hybrid to ride. I gave him five 5-peso coins to drop in the slot and cued him to count each coin and surely he did! One! Two! Three! Four! Five! And with a quick jerk the gira-pard started walking as navigated by Lolo Nap.

Shawn with his Lolo Nap as navigator of the walking animal they rode.

Lola Josie and I would pretend to get run over by gira-pard which would elicit a gale of laughter from Shawn.

Punta tayo doon, Lolo Nap!

Then we proceeded to the Food Court where at the left side there are lots of kiddie rides. Lola Josie gave lots of token for the rides he took.

Shawn rides a car
pink elephant ride
another car ride

Since some of the rides he wanted were occupied by other kids, Shawn ran to the Ferris wheel and I accompanied him for the ride.

Si Lolo Nap at Lola Josie ba yun? Ang liiiiiit nila!

He would oooh and aaaah as the cab rose towards the mall ceiling and down again. He would turn around as the cab went down to wave at Lolo Nap and Lola Josie.

Ooooh! Aaaaah!
Shawn and Lolo Bibot enjoying the sights from the Ferris wheel cab

After the Ferris wheel ride, we had a quick dinner at the Food Court where Shawn quickly found a girl-friend to play with. Soon they were jumping up and down all over the Food Court.

Shawn and his girl-friend on a jumping spree

After dinner, Lolo Nap bought batteries for the space gun ( a steal at P100 only!) he bought at Toys R Us for Shawn. He had the batteries by the store clerk. When Shawn got his little hands on the space gun, he was awed by the spinning lights and chirping sounds.

Whoa! many lights!

He would draw the space gun close to his ears to listen to the sounds it emitted.

Grabe the sounds naman nito!

Soon enough he aimed the space gun at him and I pretended to writhe in pain from the sound, much to his delight. We played baril-barilan at the activity center. He loved playing tag with me running after him. We ended falling on the tiled floor as I caught him.

Zaaap! May tama ka Lolo Bibot.

After 3 hours of delightful fun among us Lolos, Lola and apo, it was time to go home.

Shawn: Babay Tobinton! :)


dimple said...

I saw you riding the FERRIS WHEEL.. you got the ear to ear GRIN...

sarap maging bata Sir noh?

jinky said...

yeah, enjoy kaayo ang Lolo G with his pogi apo. . . I saw them too!

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