Friday, September 23, 2011

Bring him home, Lord…

Tolits (December 31, 1961-April 25, 2011)

Tolits, you know it's been hard for me to mourn for you.  But it's time for me to let you go home to the Lord. Rest in Him and enjoy the company of our parents, Lolo and Lola and all His angels. Do pray for us, the living. I love you, bro!

God on high , hear my prayer
In my need You have always been there
He is young ; He’s afraid
Let him rest
Heaven blessed.
Bring him home
Bring him home
Bring him home.
He’s like the son I might have known if God had granted me a son.
The summers die one by one
How soon they fly on and on
And I am old and will be gone.
Bring him peace, bring him joy
He is young, he is only a boy
You can take, You can give
Let him be, let him live.
If I die let me die
Let him live
Bring him home
Bring him home
Bring him home.

(From the musical Les Miserables)

1 comment:

sakura said...

he is home now.
happy with our Maker.
that I know...
glad that you're letting him go.
peace...peace. be still.