Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Finding bookworm-friends on ebay.ph Part 1

Delphine828, a bookseller on ebay.ph, who is now my friend, was quite intrigued with the bids I placed for some of her books for sale. You see, the books I chose to bid on were among those she liked. Seeing her books on sale dwindling down to a few because quite a number of it she already shipped to me, she got "curioser and curioser" about me. Here is part of her email to me:

Because you chose the books that you chose (which are those that I also like but had to let go) I could not help but google your name and chanced upon your most interesting blog, KnowRead / Knowrite. Very entertaining and somewhat rivetting that I did not realize it was already 3 a.m. Thank you and thank you again for choosing the books you chose. Now I know that my books (now yours) will be truly loved.

Well, Delphine828, what can I say since you already said it so eloquently? Your books richly deserve to be called "pre-loved" instead of "pre-owned." It is indeed my honor and privilege to be the new parent of books I have "adopted" from you. When I open my private reading/research for business a few years from now, your story will be among those I will never tire of telling the readers, young and old, whom I hope will be coming in to peruse many of "our" books on the shelves.

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