Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Name this blog contest

Ed Arevalo, a new blogger-friend, left a message in my shoutbox about a contest in naming his blog on music. Click here for the contest rules and prizes. Ed's blog offerings center on music, but also tackle other topics worth reading: food, economics, environment and telecoms.

Well, Ed, here are my suggestions for your blogname:
  • TunOgista (tunog+blogista)
  • Himigista (himig+blogista)
  • BlogSik! (blog+music)
  • Tunog Blog
For the tagline, I say: Stay tuned!

1 comment:

Edward said...

Hi Gilbert! Thanks for joining. Kindly e-mail me your details such as your name, your blog’s or website’s url. You can send it to ed[at]edarevalo[dot]net. This is just for my record. Thanks.