Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Going to bed with books

Yes, I do go to bed with books! I'm a bibliophile, that's why! :)

The books that keep me awake most nights since the start of 2008 are:
  • Personal and Impersonal by the recently-departed Rene Villanueva
  • DC Comics - A celebration of the world's favorite comic book heroes by Les Daniels
  • Aphrodite - A Memoir of the Senses by Isabel Allende
  • The Courage to Teach - Exploring the innder landscape of a teacher's life by Parker Palmer
  • and a trio of books edited by Lena Lencek and Gideon Bosker: The Beach - The history of paradise on earth, Beach - Stories by the sand and sea, and Escape - Stories of getting away.

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