Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Exotic Feast

My nephew celebrated his 14th birthday today. His father (my brother) brought over from Zamboanga City some exotic crustaceans for the dinner spread.

And so I had my first taste of the not-so-exotic-anymore steamed lobster (the last one I saw at a beach front resto in Boracay was so small it hardly filled up a small plate and cost P1,500!). Yum! It tasted like a crab only with a lot more meat and fiber.
My brother also brought home some live alupihang dagat ( tatampal, hipong dapa or mantis shrimp) in large mineral water bottles filled with seawater. He said these were caught by divers on the seafloor in Tawi-tawi. Alive, they look more like centipedes than mantises. They actually look like wide-bodied shrimps, hence hipong dapa much like the flounder is called isdang dapa. It taste like sinewy prawns.And lastly the curacha (NO, not the Rosanna Roces-starrer with the tag: Ang babaing walang pahinga). Curacha (so-called in Chavacano because it looked like a mutant cockroach -cucaracha) is the Red spanner/frog crab commonly found in the water of Zamboanga. It looks like a cooked/steamed elongated crab. It is fleshy and tastes like crab and prawn.

All these exotic crustaceans taste best with the coconut-based Alavar Sauce (formulated by a Zambo resto of the same name).

all photos here were downloaded from Google images.


rolly said...

Ginutom ako ng husto ah. That was some feast. Wish I was there to share it with you. Paborito ko lahat yan e. Nga pala, tagl ko nang hindi nakakatikim ng alupihang dagat ah.

Lance said...

These look yummy.

Pasyon, Emmanuel C. said...

salap salap. masalap rin alupihan tas butter at garlic. na manamis-namis. atsaka baked tahong na nagmelt at mainit-init pa ang keso. tas yung kanin, yung kanin lalagyan ng kesong puti. at matutunaw pa yun.

ang itatawag ko sa moment na yun (kung sakaling mangyari nga; kasi mahal ang sea foods sa maynila) ay last supper.

(may gumamit na ba nung terminong yun?)

Boracay Hotels said...

Wow sarap naman niyan.. Ang dami talaga mga seafood sa boracay, at freshly pa..

Tanya Gemarin