Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tuna Salad Bunwich - Not Available in Tuna Capital of the Philippines!

When I go to this Donut shop (with 3 branches) in Gensan, I always order the tangy, fresh tasting Tuna Salad Bunwich. However in the last two years, I started getting this reply: Sorry Sir, it's not available. And I always asked how could that happen?

No Tuna Salad Bunwich available in Gensan, the Tuna Capital of the Philippines? Unthinkable! With all types of tuna products readily available in Gensan - fresh (raw), blast-frozen, canned (chunks, flakes, in brine, in oil, etc.) - how in the name of Poseidon could this happen? Irony of ironies!

I've been tirelessly giving feedback to the Donut shop crew and supervisors, but obviously it has fallen on intentionally-deaf ears. What a shame! Sayang! As a general (how we people of Gensan call ourselves), I am proud to live in the Tuna Capital of the Philippines and I enjoy (albeit terribly missing it) a simple meal of Tuna Salad Bunwich. It would indeed be a shock to me if I find out that the tuna used in the bunwich is not even sourced from Gensan! And I would have been put to shame (not to mention becoming the laughingstock) if I brought friends along to dine on the chronically-unavailable Tuna Salad Bunwich. Paging the Gensan City Tourism people! Paging the Donut shop franchise holder!

(Photo from southbound.ph)


bariles said...

What an irony! The Cuquekos (i dont know if i spelled it right) own the DD franchise in Socsargen. I dont know if they know this problem.

I ate the ham bunwich yesterday. i should have asked for tuna. Am sure, will get the same response as you did.

rolly said...

Jo Gilbert,

haven't heard from you for a long time. Maybe the reason is not the absence of tuna but the chef who prepares it has just been fired. As you said, there are a lot of tuna in GenSan. Probably the same number of reasons why you couldn't get your tuna bunwich. Who knows, huh? Here's hoping you get your share soon. I know how distressing it could get not eating food you've been salivating for. Crazy!

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