Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Life is colored by our choices

We have heard and read this countless times: Life is what we make it. Some people go through their lives blaming everything and everyone (except themselves) for whatever happens to their lives. Until they run out of things and people to blame. But by then it may be too late to realize that God will not be asking them - What have others done with your life? but what have YOU done with the gift of life I gave YOU?

Life is full of choices. You only need to make one (at a time). Right or wrong, it's a choice you make. Live with it. If others can't live with it, it's their choice. People try to maneuver your life according to where they think it should be led when it's their lives they should lead instead. Bullies try to make your life miserable because they want it to be more so than theirs (so they can feel better about themselves).

Leading your life is like looking for a book to read. Like life's choices, there are myriads of books to choose from. There are books that once read, you want to keep forever. Some books are good for one reading; some for always. Some books you borrow to find out if you will like them; some you borrow only to return them if they're not to your liking. Some books are so good you share them so others can partake of them.

Bullies are like some directors who adapt a book into film which turns out to be totally different or awful from the original. Friends are like some directors who adapt a book into film which makes it look like the original is literature.

How will YOU write the book of your life? Will it turn out to be a trashy novel or a mishmash of adventures and misadventures or literature? Will your book of life be kept in a dusty bin or cherished forever and always?

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