Wednesday, February 18, 2009

LOL'ing while reading Elbert Or's books

Elbert Or looking more cutier than his cariocatures
[picture of his barrowed from the Facebook of his also]

First and for all, I writtened this blog in consonants with the numerous two tiny booklets (5 1/4" x 3 3/4") of Elbert Or (his name is real; believe me, I tell you nothing but the throat). So delete that surprised facial deformity on your face.

I was not surprised at all cost that Or came up with his books. They were writtened to be waited. With malapropisms abounding in the Pinoys' mangling usage (abusage?) of the English language, someone like Or (who is my primary suspect as having a good attentive listening device in his head) will be writing about themself.As a teacher hisself, Or was inspired to write his first book, The More The Manyer (Pinoy Cliches and Other Words of Wisdumb) before he expires of over-laughter from his students' English (I assumpt that his always scolding his class - what kind of English do you has?). (By the way, he is only 25 years old and accounting and he's engaged is he's relationship status quo accordingly to his Facebook profile.) There are 6 chapters: How do you like my England?, Halo-halo Metaphors, Words of Wisdumb, Welcome Remarks, Words to Leave By and Oxymoronic! Each chapter is punctuated by Or's awe-so-punny cartoons which highlight the comedian prose (Or claims responsibility for the cariocatures but not the prose - writtened by The Anon Pinoy (reminders me of another unknown author, Bob Ong).His latest book, Without Further Adieu (More Pinoy Cliches and Other Words of Wisdumb), features more additional LOL (Loud-Out-Loud, as if you didn't known) prose and drawings. And so as I was again LOL'ing on my way home for the second time.

Still laughing, I exchanged pleansantrys with Elbert Or over Facebook (Pleasantry, Elbert. Pleasantry, Gilbert).

This is what I wrote on Elbert's wall (in Facebook, vandalizing someone's wall is legally allowable):

Elbert, for your FYI, mabuti na lang inabutan ko pa yung last 2 copies of your second little booklet sa National Book Store Gensan branch dito, so I didn't wait a monument and bought everything to the last drop. (For your farther FYI, these times, all of your two books (count them all!) are available na already here. They are really in heat like hotcakes! So tell Tahanan Books don't beat the bush, send more copies here. The more, the manyer, and the manyer, the bountiful are they. I don't want my own copies to pass out among my aquiantances, they don't return to sender immediately as soon as pass able. They have to buy it or leave it for theirselfs. So without farther adieu, I bid you congrats! I gwess your extingwished self is laughing on the highway to the bank now.

Elbert's reply was full of curtesy: Hahahaha.

Before I terminate myself in writing, both of the two books have an index of correct English idioms as a guide for Englishists, grammar conscientious people, or if you one of the person who want to learn manyer English terminologies for your call-center carrier.

So go right ahead, walk, don't run to your National Book Store branch nearest to yourself and buy Elbert's books each with a skyrocketing price of P95 per copy. If there is no copy left or right in the bokshelfs, demand for it from your user-friendly sellslady. No borrowing, no lending investor of books. So buy your own copies, scratch your own galis!

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sheng said...

So I guess hindi ko mahihiram yan from you Sir Gilbert, hahah. Lemme check NB mamaya kung meron pa, that is, inubos mo na eh. hahaha...