Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Now I can uncross my fingers! Pomeranz's concert Part 2

Proudly holding the major prizes of two VIP concert tickets & Grab-a-crab complimentary dinner while Avel (SocCSKSarGen Bloggers' top honcho & Bariles Republic blogger)
and Mark of High Frequency Productions (Pomeranz's concert organizer) look on.With three of the major winners: Rammyboi, Tanchi & Jes. Not in the picture are two other major winners Sheng and Rosilie.

Yes, I can now uncross my fingers as the five major and 11 minor winners were awarded their prizes in the afternoon of February10 at Coffee Club 101 beside Grab-a-Crab. Major winners each get 2 VIP concert tickets and a Grab-a-crab complimentary P1000-dinner while minor winners each get 2 general admission tickets.

On hand to present the VIP and general admission concert tickets was Mark (who judged the blogposts) of High Frequency Productions while Michael Wee gave out the complimentary Grab-a-Crab dinner tickets.

After getting my prizes, I promptly traded the VIP tickets with Jes' general admission tickets for me & my group dates. This will be the first valentine's date I will be having in more than 20 years and my dates (four, count them!) are the closest friends I have.

Mark and Michael, the two people responsible for bringing David Pomeranz here in Gensan were profuse in thanking the bloggers for the effective promotional boost they gave to the concert.

Proudly hosting the awards ceremony is the SocCSKSarGen Bloggers' top honcho, Avel Manansala.

(Photos courtesy of Kyawster)

My winning blogpost follows.

Being single at this age is no joke and with Valentine's Day fast approaching, I'm sure to be lining up (again!) for the yearly "firing squad" at the Oval Plaza (Joke: Singles sans lovelife on Valentine's are to be shot by a firing squad). :D

Unless (crossing my fingers) I get the chance to watch David Pomeranz's Valentine's Day Concert at the City Gym in Gensan (as announced in Bariles' blog). Then maybe I can keep trying to get the feeling again. :)

As a composer, David composed songs like Tryin' to Get the Feeling Again and The Old Songs for Barry Manilow and The Carpenters. It is easy to understand why David is a favorite singer of Pinoys - his songs are extremely hummable and its lyrics strike the right chords in our romantic hearts.
But David became popular with Pinoys when the film Zapped was shown in local cinemas and featured two of his songs which became huge hits and the theme songs of Pinoys lovers - Got to believe in magic and King & Queen of Hearts.

He also collaborated with Pinoy artists like a duet with Sharon Cuneta in If You Walk Away and recording with Lea Salonga in the Broadway musical Little Tramp the songs for which he composed.

With that in mind, I'm crossing my fingers (again!) in hoping to win this blogpost writing contest because I intend to request that the VIP pass worth P1500 be converted to 5 Upper box tickets so I can see the concert with my four high school batchmates who are more than sisters to me. For the duration of David's concert, I am hoping the wondrous Pomeranz words and music can rekindle in us the magic of finding love all over again.

I already have our foursome Valentine's date planned out: an early dinner courtesy of Grab-a-Crab and on to the concert. During the concert, I'll be giving them copies of David's songs (although I'm sure we have already memorized many of them) so we can sing along. And then after the concert, we will go back to Coffee Club 101 for some cups of coffee (and iced tea).

[Free concert tickets and gift certificates from Grab-a-Crab will be given to 5 lucky winners in a blogpost writing contest featured in Bariles' blog.]


bariles said...

Congrats Gilbert!

You deserve to win naman talaga with all those historical "artifacts" you were able to dig up.

See you on the 13th first at Tropics! Naks! Puro international artists ang trip ng Soccsksargen Bloggers ah? :)

sheng said...

Congrats to all winners! Congrats Sir Gilbert, sayang lang we won't be watching it near you.

jes said...

Sir! thanks talaga for the ticket. feeling ko nanalo ako. haha! ambisyosa. pero, thanks talaga sir. ang congratulations! :D