Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Meaning-full Song: Sometimes by the Carpenters

The song, Sometimes, with lyrics by Felice Mancini & music by Henry Mancini, by the Carpenters is one of my favorite songs. It was never released as a single 45 rpm, never reached the Billboard Top 100 charts and never included in any (Best of) Carpenters anthology CDs. It was never a pop song or a top hit. Nevertheless, the story behind the song and the meaningful lyrics made it to my list of fave songs. The song appears to be a favorite of the Carpenters as it is almost always part of their concert repertoire.

The story behind Sometimes is told by Richard and Karen in the following excerpt from Robert Young's TV show. The lyrics follow after the videos.


Sometimes, not often enough

We reflect upon the good things

And those thoughts always center around those we love

And I think about those people who mean so much to me

And for so many years have made me so very happy

And I count the times I have forgotten to say thank you

And just how much I love them.

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Anonymous said...

wow... i love the carpenters!thier music still alive in the airwaves and loved by people

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