Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine gift-books for Avel and other blogger-friends

I found these pictures* on the 'net and so I thought I would give these books as Valentine gifts to Avel and other blogger-friends together with tongue-in-cheek (cheeky?) rationale for giving it to them.

For Avel because 1) he is a MAJOR foodie (reader alert! this is a euphemism!), 2) his most viewed/commented blogposts are those featuring restos and easy-on-the-wallet but tastebuds-tittilating and tummy-busting dishes, 3) he needs this book so he can recommend new dishes to resto-owners to refurbish their tired menus and 4) so that he can maintain his Winnie-the-pooh cuddly huggable "disfigure." Hehehe For Rammyboi because 1) he's a techie (not teachy huh!), 2) speaks more than 2 languages, 3) knows that lengua estofada is not a foreign language, and 4) can refer his clueless online friends to this book if they don't understand Nihongo and can only communicate text-style (sms).
For Sheng because 1) she's a wifey and momma, 2) she can cook up a storm for a multitude (parang yung audience sa Sermon on the Mount) and needs to do that on a shoe-string budget 3) global financial crisis, 4) all their savings go to feathering their new nest at La Cassandra.
For shutter-happy Kyawster, Leonard & Tanchi because 1) they shoot people, places, and events, 2) in the pictures' captions they are always described as "not in the picture," 3) their shots are breathtakingly enhanced with Photoshop and 4) so that they will take more pictures of me during our bloggers group meet-ups (hint, hint!)For Ariel because 1) of his ferris wheel-nausea-inducing mood-swings/seesaws due to work and personal/love/sex-life stresses, 2) he can distribute it to all of his friends (online and off-) so they can understand him, 3) because Norman Vincent Peale's How to win friends and influence people is already obsolete, and 4) so he could read it and understand HIMSELF better.For Jeanny because 1) she's a new blogger-friend and it's her birthday, 2) she's a couch potato watching an entire season (12-13 hours!) of a TV series in one sitting, 3) she has an online contest whose winner gets a Moleskine notebook on Feb. 15, and 4) yes, this book is a bribe to her (which is nothing compared to the ZTE broadband deal, WB-funded projects, among other entrepreneurial activities of those in government). For Dom because 1) he is Atenista (-taught and -teaching), 2) his religious fervor as can be gleaned from his blogposts defending the Faith (readers, take note: Cafital Ep), 3) he brought me around Davao City and introduced me to his coffee-guzzling (No price hike on them beans YET) blogger-friends who, surprisingly, are not manongs and manangs, 4) I need his analytical mind to help me set up my defense against those who approach and ask me: Have you accepted Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior?For Daxie because 1) he loves books (like me) and can practically live in any library without food or water for days on end (not like me - I have to cook, do the dishes and laundry because no one else will do it for me, boohoo!), 2) he also loves libraries and advocates for putting up more libraries in this part of Mindanao, 3) the book will enlighten his wife why he has to share their home with his books and HER, 4) he can't find this in any bookfair or booksale or National Bookstore branch, garage sale (and the list goes on and on and on . . .

*The pictures here are some of the winning entries of Photoshopped books at www.worth1000.com.


sheng said...

Haha, this is cool, mahanap nga ito sa National bookstore, hehe. Thanks sir. It's my pleasure getting the book, it's very me. Dapat talaga magtipid sa financially critical days ngayon, hehe. Happy Valentine's Day! I wish to see you sa David Pomeranz Concert mamaya.

Rammyboi said...

wow! tnx so much sir gilbert! im soo flattered! i'd love to read that book :D tnx ulit and happy valentines :D

Leonard Pe said...

Ayos! You did great in compiliing all of these and wrote stuff for every one! I enjoyed reading it :)


Jeanny said...

This is so cool. Thanks for this gift Sir Girlebrt. I so love it ;)

bariles said...


What a great Valentine's Gift Bert! This should come in handy!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Am really touched! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Gilbert Yap Tan,Great collections indeed.Have a great joyful V-day.

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Daxi Weida said...

Hi, Sir Gilbert! I wonder what Hugh Hefner's life as a celibate is. :)

No worries, my wife will completely understand. Being a professional librarian she is a more staunch book advocate that I am. :)

Thanks for the gift, sir. A pleasant surprise indeed! Hope to see you soon. Happy V-Day!

jborela said...

Hi, Sir Gilbert!

Belated Happy Heart's Day!

Bakit ako wala? he he he. . . joke!

Nice post!

Ayel said...

Thanks, thanks po. Now ko lang po nabasa. Nakakahiya ako. lol.

By the way, thanks for the personality assessment you did for me. Haha. I really need to take a look at how I handle pressures. I thought I was okay. Oh, I do read Norman Vincent Peale.

Thanks for the Self-Awareness book. Haha. I dunno, I've been facilitating self-awareness GD's since college; turns out, Its me who can't understand myself. Haha.

Thanks po ulit. Sorry at ngayon lang din napadpad dito... :D